A Gazing Ball Will Add Charm To Your Garden Accents

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There’s nothing new about a gazing ball. In fact, they’ve been used as garden accents since the 13th century.

Gazing balls were originally created in Venice Italy where they were hand blown glass balls with a variety of colors. Venice is actually quite famous for it’s glass and has been for hundreds of years. Gazing balls originated in 13th century inĀ Venice where they were hand-blown by skilled Italian craftsmen.

Actually though Venetian glass is made on the island of Murano. Back in 1291 there were great concerns about the city catching on fire and this drove the city officials to ban glass making in the city of venice. So all the glass makers were forced to move to Murano.

Ultimately though the techniques that were used to create Venetian glass were learned by others and spread throughout many other European cities. They, for the most part, learned to manufacture high quality and delicate glass and glassware that made Venice as famous for glass as it is today.

Gazing balls spread throughout europe and it’s told that Kind Ludwig The Second Of Bavaria had them placed on his Herrenchiemsee palace lawns. Once they were admired by others they were a common item that adorned many of the European gardens. In particular, gazing balls are associated with the English Victorian era.

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