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When you’ve determined to add garden accents, decide on things that echo your style, persona and tastes. Your first contemplation should be to decorate your gardens for your own enjoyment and satisfaction. The fundamentals are always good to commence with. This includes edging, mulch and ornaments.

Inserting garden accents to your garden area does not have to cost a fortune. Driftwood and rock are a couple of items that can be free and give some very pleasurable results. Get off the beaten path a bit, they’re easy to find. A hike by a river or lake or journey through the woods can yield astonishing results. You don’t need to have huge rocks or pieces of driftwood. Stones that are below a foot in width are portable and smaller pieces of driftwood will be very nice accents and bestow a very natural look.

Edging Is The PlaceTo Start

Stone edging can create a beautiful garden accent.Adding edging to your garden is actually the number one area you should start off with. Edging your garden will provide more than just borders to give it clean finished look. It will also prevent your mulch from spreading into the yard and makes a barrier to keep grass and weeds from invading your garden. With a little thought and originality you can find plenty of things to edge your garden with that are free or are often quite inexpensive. Grab some stones that are roughly six inches across each time you go out for a hike. They give a natural appearance and don’t cost a thing. This also goes for tree branches and smaller slab of rock. Naturally you always have plastic edging which is quite inexpensive or you can move up to a wide variety bricks that come in different shapes and sizes or wooden edging similar to short fences; even treated timbers.

Mulch Is A Must

Mulch is a especially important item since it serves not only to beautify your garden but in addition helps retain moisture in the soil and keep the weed growth down. You should always use organic mulches in your gardens. Mulch that is made from tree bark will decay and enhance your soil and will also increase worm activity. Expert landscapers are inclined to use mulches that come from white oaks, cypress, cedar and pine barks. Some people are fond of rocks or washed stones which can be a lot of work to place. If you want to be GREEN and use a free alternative, ground up leaves or grass clippings will do the job nicely. Mulching with them as compared with dumping actually makes much more sense. Pine needles are another no cost substitute but you should be aware that they could acidify your soil.

Where To Find Economical Garden Ornaments

Finding objects for your garden at garage sales is enjoyable and very reasonably priced. You’d be surprised at what you can stumble on for just a few dollars. I’ve seen small statues, vases, pots, toys, dolls, old tricycles as well as an old school desk in gardens. Do you have something you are really passionate about? Why not have a garden then that exhibits things that you’re fascinated in? With a little bit of thought you can place garage sale things strategically and really make your garden look exclusive. Just consider though that too much stuff may make your garden look more like a junkyard. Remember too that it’s your garden and you can do whatever you would like.

A Birdbath Looks Great In Any Garden

Terra cotta pots can be used to create birdbaths for garden accentsI wouldn’t put together a garden that didn’t exhibit at least one birdbath. Beside attracting birds, a birdbath is a great point of interest. You don’t have to run through a fortune to have a striking and exceptional birdbath. When you go to flea markets and garage sales, keep an eye open for large pans with a edge that is around two inches high. To put together your birdbath, utilize a tree stump for the pedestal, situate your pan on top of that and then add a few stones. Fill it with water and you’ve constructed your own birdbath. Using terra cotta pots is another creative way of building a birdbath. You may start by placing a short, wide pot upside down. On top of that you put the biggest plate you can find. Repeat this graduating down to a little smaller pot and plate. Do it again if you’d like another level. At this point you’ve built a three tiered birdbath. To finish your birdbath off you can add one last plate and a small pot of ivy has been added to to the top of that. You can make creative use of whatever you desire to make it even higher. An old tree stump should handle the job and add a very natural appearance. One of the more interesting resources for creating your own birdbath out of terra cotta pots can be found here.

Adding A Raised Flower Or Vegetable Box

Building some raised flower boxes can bestow your garden with a very distinctive charm. The only requirements are that you’re able to pound a nail and handle a saw. With treated wood or timbers, it’s very painless to build a raised plant box. All you need is four 2 x 8 inch pieces of wood, railroad ties or 6 x 6 inch timbers and several bags of soil to fill your box. Once you’ve nailed your box togther, place it in your garden and fill up it with soil. Now just put in your favorite plants and you’ve now created a great garden accent. There is one more benefit in developing a raised garden, you can add whatever soil mixture you’d desire to employ and since it’s raised its less bending and easier to look after.

Producing your own garden accents can be fun and give your garden a very individual look and ambiance. You can discover more information to assist you in accenting your garden to match your individual tastes at

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